Thursday, May 7, 2009

The (Un)Holy Grail of Shitty Music!

Exmortes...the brainchild of Jan List, a Dutch metalhead who unknowingly invented the Black Metal subgenre known as "Shitty lo-fi bedroom metal".This stuff is some of the most horrible sounding shit I've ever come across!I originally wanted to post the Exmortes/Apator split 7inch and Exmortes-Lord of Temptation 7inch but these 2 demos are all I could find after seaching the web for this odd,silly music.I once played the split EP to bunch of crusty punks while we were on a LSD binge,it was quite a hit!!!I will play this stuff sometimes when I do a DJ set,just to crack everyone up.I have not heard these demos yet but I'll just assume you'll hear Casio keyboard rock beats,some of the most moronic vocals ever put to music,and a guitar sound that makes Crass sound like some hi-fi shit.Is the kid playing the guitar upside down?The holy grail of shitty music.Photobucket

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  1. You had me at the mildly dwarf looking dude in the picture, and upside down guitars thanks.



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