Monday, October 19, 2009

Masacration-the other funny metal band

Depraved Dave turned me onto this "semi-parody" band a few years ago,musicaly it's tight and over the top metal and funny as shit songs.heres a little more info on Massacration-Their biography is somewhat similar to Spinal Tap's. Massacration started as a fake parody "true heavy metal" band on the comedy TV show "Hermes & Renato" on Brazilian MTV, with fake biography, fake long hair, fake live recordings, dumb interviews and whatnot. Since then, they've done a bunch of real concerts (including a tour with Sepultura, with Igor Cavalera as session drummer), and released an album produced by "Rick Rubinho", a.k.a. Ratos de Porão's João Gordo.
They also became hosts of "Total Massacration", a Headbanger's Ball-like TV show, with jokes in between.Photobucket

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wrathchild America-Commercial Thrash

My band was supposed to play a show with Ravage last night but the Ravage guys were having a real shitty tour=vehicle problems galore so they wisely opted not to play in OKC.I was actually getting kinda stoked to see some old style Thrash Metal with no death/grind/whatever influence but it never happened,so on my way home I rocked out to this album. Wrathchild America were total "Thrash lite"and got signed to a major a the very end of the whole Thrash Metal phenomena,you can almost see the band getting butthurt to the rumbling sound of the grunge and death/grind scenes eating their pathetic souls!I think Pantera did some touring with these guys before they hit it big,and I caught them playing a show with oklahoma's own Oliver Magnum. At least back in 1989 there were clubs that strictly catered to metal every night of the week,bands had a soundman thus having a great sound onstage and there was not much tolerence for sloppiness etc....well I gotta go just got some news that we may be playing a show with Marduk!!!NO DEPOSIT-NO RETURN motherfuckers!!!!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Nemesis-pre Candlemass demos

It been a while since I posted anything,so here's a kinda hard to find nugget of doomy goodness.This is demos for what eventually became "Epicus Doomicus Metallicus" by the mighty Candlemass,this is also one of my favorite tapes from back in the days before grindcore took me over. Photobucket


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