Wednesday, August 11, 2010


SEDITION were one of the most intense bands that never made it.Their singer Turner was a true madman that practiced what he preached by collecting massive amounts of rotten Texas roadkill and designing wicked "Chainsaw Massacre" style sculptures,check out the song "Roadkill".Some of these works of art were used for Ministry's live show and Cypress Hill's "How I can just kill a man" video.Musically Sedition were very much in the same style as their mentors Rigor Mortis playing ultra fast sun bleached hornet swarm metal.The guitarist Pete was taught by Rigor Mortis axeman Mike Sciacca and even took his place when Mike joined Ministry,later he joined GWAR.The band did a one off show in Oklahoma City in 1990 and from what I remember it was badass complete with bones and Turner's brutal self mutilation with a very rusty scrap of iron,it should also be noted that this show was the first time I ever met OKC's infamous Ray-Ray "Drink All Day" Duvall!Turner found his own fame after Sedition by fronting the great punk rock band Ethyl Merman/Pumpin'Ethyl and beating on Kurt Cobain at Tree's club in Dallas.a href="¤t=sed.jpg" target="_blank">Photobucket Tracks:
1. Sedition 03:20
2. Roadkill 03:01
3. My Little Brother 03:31
4. I Really Hate You 03:23
Total playing time
13:15 Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket


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