Thursday, February 4, 2010


I've been a little behind on updating this blog,been doing some fun gigs with AFFW plus I almost broke my arm stage diving at the D.R.I. show a couple weeks ago,I was hypnotized by the thrash zone!Lots of fun,no fights,sold out show,punks and metalheads galore.Now on to music...Blasphemy were one of the first black metal bands I ever listened to,a real cacophony of noise with themes that were far away from the average thrash metal I was playing at the time.They hailed from Canada,looked scary as hell wearing face paint and spikes,called themselves "Satanic Skinheads" and there was a black dude in the group.I wonder what they think of the whole Nazi/RAC/NS black metal scene?Anyway these guys were way ahead of thier time I always thought Darkthrone,Emperor etc were derivitive of this band.Heres a live recording from 2002 of this essential and seminal black metal group!PhotobucketPhotobucket


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