Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hail To Sweden!

PhotobucketA cool fan made(?) compilation that serves as a companion piece to the very wicked book of the same name.Lots of good bands like Nihilist,Tiamat and Unleashed,this stuff rocks hard with energy that rivals some of the best punk/HC that came out before this scene started.VA - Swedish Death Metal (Compilation 2009)

CD 1
01 - Mefisto - Betroyed Truth
02 - Obscurity - Demented
03 - Corpse - Rise Again
04 - Merciless - Souls Of The Dead
05 - Morbid - Wings Of Funeral
06 - Nihilist - Abnormally Deceased
07 - Putrefaction - Putrefaction Remains
08 - Carnage - Torn Apart
09 - Therion - Megalomania
10 - Carbonized - Final Chapter
11 - Expulsion - Darkside
12 - Grave - Brutally Deceased
13 - Sorcery - Descend To The Ashes
14 - Tribulation - Irrevocabile Act
15 - Afflicted Convulsion - Consumed In Flames
16 - Dismember - Dismembered
17 - Desultory - The Chill Within
18 - Grotesque - Submit To Death

CD 2
01 - Entombed - But Life Goes On
02 - Nirvana 2002 - Mourning
03 - General Surgery - Slithering Maceration Of Ulcerous Facial Tissue
04 - Dismember - Override Of The Overture
05 - Grave - Into The Grave
06 - Unleashed - Before The Creation
07 - Tiamat - Ancient Entity
08 - Carbonized - Recarbonized
09 - At The Gates - City Of Screaming Statues
10 - Liers In Wait - Bleeding Shrines Of Stone
11 - Edge Of Sanity - Enigma
12 - Cemetary - Nightmare Lake
13 - Therion - Symphony Of The Dead
14 - Afflicted - Tidings From The Blue Sphere
15 - Marduk - Still Fucking Dead (Here's No Peace)
16 - Dissection - Black Horizons

CD 3
01 - Evocation - Through The Darkened
02 - Seance - Reincarnage
03 - Toxaemia - Beyond The Realm
04 - Furbowl - Shark Heaven
05 - Suffer - Human Flesh
06 - Traumatic - A Perfect Night To Masturbate
07 - Macrodex - Necrophilicide
08 - House Of Usher - Rather Black
09 - Crypt Of Kerberos - The Ancient War
10 - Eternal Darkness - Psychopath
11 - Interment - Morbid Death
12 - Uncanny - Transportation To The Uncanny
13 - S.G.R. - Die In Agony
14 - Sarcasm - In Hate...
15 - Crematory - Enshrouded (In The River Of Eternity) -
16 - Necrony - Under The Black Soil
17 - Repugnant - Spawn Of Pure Malevolence
18 - Katalysator - Mass Genocide Ritual

CD 1: http://rapidshare.com/files/233733137/VA_-_2009_-_Swedish_Death_Metal_CD_-_1_thy.rar
CD 2: http://rapidshare.com/files/233737350/VA_-_2009_-_Swedish_Death_Metal_CD_-_2_thy.rar
CD 3: http://rapidshare.com/files/233839410/VA_-_2009_-_Swedish_Death_Metal_CD_-_3_thy.rar

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sleep-live 2009 Bootleg

Damn! Im still dehydrated from the Solitude Aeturnus show,it was fucking hot down there in Dallas!Good show but too many bands on the bill....heres a new post for you sick fuckers..Good quality bootleg of Sleep playing the All Tommorows Parties fest that happened not too long ago.If you're a fan of the band you may want to get this fucker..it's kinda long so it has been split into two parts....Part onehttp://www.mediafire.com/?gjokyg2jumnPart twohttp://www.mediafire.com/?n9e2ncmybgl

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Solitude Aeturnus

I'm going to Dallas to see this band tonight,Doom Metal is the name of the game for these guys,the singer fronts Candlemass sometimes!here's the excellent 1990 debut LP by this long running Texas doom factory....http://www.mediafire.com/?mpsjxtyvpctPhotobucket and...the newest offering!!!http://www.mediafire.com/?vuxzdscvmru

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Please dont suck!!!!

The new MANOWAR ep! It might just blow you away,or it might fucking suck dog dicks....we'll see...Photobuckethttp://rapidshare.com/files/244213767/Manowar_-_Thunder_In_The_Sky.rar.html

Friday, June 12, 2009

Old School Shows-GAMMACIDE/ACRIDITY 3-25-1989

Here's a blast from the past!A wild night in the OKC on March 25th,1989 @ the Blue Note Lounge with GAMMACIDE,ACRIDITY and CARNAGE(okc),the actual flyer is below.I saw a guy eat a handfull of nails at this show,thats how metal it was!This was when metal shows were thuggish and violent sausage parties,I was slammed into a wall quite hard at this show.Here's Acridity's first demo (1988),plus the 1991 LP and GAMMACIDE's classic LP,I will eventually get around to uploading Carnage's tape,but that will take a post all by itself since they were the cornerstone for (Oklahoma)underground metal in the late 80's/90's.I really became a total thrash metal freak after seeing this amazing up close & personal show,and anytime I see the Gammacide guys I let 'em know I was there.....http://rapidshare.com/files/144521198/acridity_-_countdown_to_terror_demo_by_wtyd.rarPhotobuckethttp://rapidshare.com/files/115188553/acridity-ffrIcry_1991_.rarPhotobucketPhotobuckethttp://www.megaupload.com/?d=VPNC3DPM

Piggy's last stand

I usually dont post brand new stuff by bands...heres the new Voivod.The last album by one the most original metal bands ever,R.I.P. Piggy.....Photobuckethttp://www.megaupload.com/?d=4LBDCQYP

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Santa Sangre

Just got the new 2 disc dvd set of this long out of print mindfuck of a movie. This was the last film by Alejandro Jodorowsky that was worth a shit,El Topo and Holy Mountain are the othe two worth checking out.It's been nearly 20 years since I've seen this flick......

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Italian Zombie turds!!!

These movies are all cinematic turds but that cant stop me from watching them over and over.Just watched "Hell of the Living Dead"aka"Night of the Zombies"it's quite entertaining,"Nightmare City" will really test your ability to sit through a shitty movie,it is known for being the first film to have "fast" zombies,but the make-up look as though someone just slapped some burned pizza on the zombie's faces.

Witchfinder General

Here's some kinda rare stuff(all their stuff is rare) from WITCHFINDER GENERAL. Two Eps and some live stuff recorded around 1981.This band only put out a few LPs in the early 80's,I remember finding the "Friends of Hell" LP once but it was $40 so I did'nt hear WFG until around 1994.This record(availible as an LP+7inch) is best when played while drinking good beer.......I might just do that right now.Photobuckethttp://rapidshare.com/files/226739084/WG-BATR_by_dead316.rar

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Heavy Metal Parking Lot

One of the greatest party videotapes ever! Judas Priest,beer,Camaros,and the legendary "Zebraman"!This has been re-released on DVD and is highly recomended that you check that out,the filmakers go back 20 years later and track some of these people down.Cult classic!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Speed Metal Hell Volumes 1-3

These hard to find compilations were put out by the infamous New Renaissance Records starting in 1985.Some bands featured here did not make it(Stilleto,Battle Bratt,others did (Flotsam&Jetsam,Prong)and some will be be unsung heroes of metal obscurity(Blood Feast,Post Mortem and Medieval).My vinyl copies of this series have different covers,perhaps I have repressed editions.Those of you into the "Neo-Thrash"scene need to check out some of these mostly demo level heshers ripping it up.Truly underground!Photobuckethttp://www.megaupload.com/?d=CCPFVK951. Savage Grace - Master of Disguise
2. Medieval - World War Four
3. Attila - Lucifers Hammer
4. Shinning - Black Winged Snake
5. Battle Brat - Henchman
6. Artillery - Hey Woman
7. Savage Grace - Fear My Way
8. Midnight Vice - Vice Squad
9. Stiletto - Through the Night
10. At War - Eat Lead
11. Executioner - Victims of Evil
12. Whiplash - Thrash till DeathPhotobuckethttp://www.megaupload.com/?d=B5TCLF1G1. At War - Rapechase
2. Mayhem - Loving Tribute/Burned Alive
3. Samhain - Plague of Messiah
4. Anvil Bitch - Neckbreaker
5. Savage Thrust - Crown of Thorns
6. Deaththrash - Buried Alive
7. Aggression - Metal Slaughter
8. Tempter - Don't Get Mad... Get Evil
9. Flotsam and Jetsam - Hammerhead
10. Wargod - Day of Atonement
11. Outrage - Cracks Under the Ice
12. Post Mortem - Ready to Die
Photobuckethttp://www.megaupload.com/?d=XKIF3249. Papsmear - Die Killing
2. Wehrmacht - Night of Pain
3. Necropolis - Silent Scream
4. Dream Death - Method to Madness
5. Regurgitation - Pesticide
6. Necrophagia - Power thru Darkness
7. Unknown - Unlisted Track (?)
8. Blood Feast - The Suicidal Mission
9. Prong - Disbelief
10. Metal Onslaught - Primal Scream
11. The Kill - Kill or Be Killed

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Catheter-303 Doom Violence

Catheter played in Norman last night,it was really fucking brutal,those who did not make it out missed a great basement show by these legendary grinders.Im very sore from the mosh pit,lots of spikes and studs.There was some amazingly good BBQ being served up at this show too. Heres Catheter's LP "Dimension 303"Photobuckethttp://rapidshare.com/files/102622079/Catheter_-__2005__Dimension_303.rar

Monday, June 1, 2009

Speed Freaks

I was introduced to Hallows Eve via the film "Rivers Edge" in 1987,by the time this album came out it got kinda slept on by me and Depraved Dave(the only people who actually bought this tape)due to the flood of killer death metal coming out(Sepultura,Obituary etc).Fast forward 21 years(!) to 2009 and I found out these guys are playing at the massive Rocklahoma festival on the special "All heavy bands" day along with Anthrax,Overkill,Anvil,Saxon,Leatherwolf,Metal Church and Krank!So heres a blast from thrash metal's past,dry production,Queen cover and all!!!Photobuckethttp://rapidshare.com/files/142210405/HE-88-M.rar


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