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(This post by Tim wolfenbarger)REPULSION (Roman Polanski 65')
Well this has been my favorite film since iv'e seen it. And i guess I use the term film because this introduced me to a bit of deeper cinema and gave me a taste for the avant garde from the get go. REPULSION is a true classic film and there's no denying it.Roman Poilanski's first English languige flik and bankrolled by western investors. Polanski grew up during WW2 in Poland in the Nazi razed ghettoes. He was seperated from his parents for two years and lived from friend's charity and on the streets at a very young age in WW2 Poland.
After "the big war" he reunited with his father, went to film school in Poland and early on started to produce short surreal film. Eventually, he got noticed by one of his shorts, TWO MEN IN A WARDROBE...lead to financing and movies like the fine KNIFE IN WATER (somewhat Hitchcock deranged) and CUL-DE-SAC (which i read was pretty good and still have not been able to find...many years later...shouldve bought that bootleg VHS in the mail in 96!).
So, I'll tell ya' to me this is the end all be all.
I know there's plenty of fine and really bizarre movies out there but this is the first to get my goat and I'll tell you why.
First, it's not like I'm treading new ground here. This films been around since seven years before I was born. Next, this is not an American movie and usually doesnt get the respect it deserves although it is generally considered classic. Third sometimes we all know whats fresh comes with the best art (rockn roll for example) and I believe Polanski had something to let out.
I find this SO MUCH MORE POWERFUL than Fellinni or Bunuel at this point. The old classics like TOD BROWNING or the early german shit was good for sure but this was the first one that got me by the "GOTTCHA".
I'll not describe the film here. I don't need to you can find it anywhere. Public domain.
This is my favorite horror film. More later.
oh and there was a fine band that helped invent GRINDCORE that named their band after the movie...hmmm...wonder what thats about....

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Crucial BBQ with Catheter


DEBRIS-Obscure Oklahoma Psych/Proto-Punk

PhotobucketPhotobucketThis legendary group from Chickasha, Oklahoma formed in 1975 and self-released their lone LP in 1976. A Dada/punk/psych masterpiece recorded in just under seven hours in Dec. 75, the LP and the individuals who created it have long been the subject of a great deal of mystery and conjecture due to their elusiveness, the mindblowing quality of the music as well as the provocative negative image bondage LP sleeve design. This expanded reissue includes all 11 original LP tracks in sparkling fidelity from the original master tapes along with 10 previously unissued rehearsal recordings (total time just over 76 minutes). Fully authorized by the band, this CD also features a 28 page booklet with rare photos, lyrics, and personal accounts by all three original members, including bassist Chuck Iveys tale of relocating to L.A. to participate in the nascent Dangerhouse punk scene, where he took the stage with the Randoms at the Masque benefit in Feb. 78. The Debris LP was also namechecked in Nurse With Wounds infamous listing of influential LPs included with their first album in 1979. In short, Debris cultivated its own dynamic musical vernacular, showing the influence of Captain Beefheart, the Stooges, early Roxy Music and other pre-punk mainstays of the time. Their closest contemporaries were Hearthan era Pere Ubu, Siren-era Chrome, Indiana-era MX-80 Sound and Canadian sonic miscreants Simply Saucer. The beautifully raw and untamed bonus cuts include two unreleased originals, five alternate takes to the LP tracks, covers of the Stooges Real Cool time and John Cales Gun, as well as Other Things, a song originally recorded by Debris precursor group, Victoria Vein and the Thunderpunks."

1 One Way Split (2:44)
2 Female Tracks (2:15)
3 Witness (4:16)
4 Tricia (2:22)
5 Boyfriend (2:12)
6 Leisurely Waiting (3:55)
7 New Smooth Lunch (1:49)
8 Manhattan (2:58)
9 Flight Taken (3:24)
10 Tell Me (5:01)
11 Blue Girls (4:51)
12 Zebra Ranch (3:19)
13 Other Things (2:50)
14 New Smooth Lunch (2:21)
15 Boyfriend (2:21)
16 Real Cool Time (4:45)
17 One Way Split (3:22)
18 Gun (7:33)
19 Hospital Boys (4:54)
20 Flight Taken (3:43)
21 Tell Me (5:02)

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Doomsday Derelicts

New EP from one of my favorite "new" bands,features members of Usurper!Photobucket

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


One of the best Japanese Thrash Compilations.I would like to post the equally good "Farewell to Arms" LP but cant get a link.PhotobucketA01 - Lip Cream - Giri
A02 - Lip Cream - Bloody Summer
A03 - Lip Cream - In Your Mouth
A04 - Lip Cream - Don't Speak Too Much
A05 - Lip Cream - Omei
A06 - Systematic Death - Tonight
A07 - Systematic Death - Jap Gate
A08 - Systematic Death - Disobey
A09 - Systematic Death - Be Dead Gone Annie
A10 - Systematic Death - Don't Stop My Way
B01 - Gauze - Don't Do Too Much
B02 - Gauze - Hit And Smash It
B03 - Gauze - Passion Fashion
B04 - Gauze - Screw
B05 - Gauze - Let Go It Self
B06 - Outo - Slag
B07 - Outo - Risky Risky
B08 - Outo - Rise From The Dead
B09 - Outo - Leatherface
B10 - Outo - Warriors
B11 - Outo - Slag Outro

Joy Of Torture 2/Oxen Split Torture

PhotobucketOne of those movies that will make you say "What the Fuck!"Produced in 1976 by the infamous Toei studios this brutal rarity is legendary for it's mean spirited violence!Sorry,no subtitles. password:leopard

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Rare Napalm Death vinyl/Barney's mullet years...

Super rare live LP given out with the "Harmony Corruption"first pressing.Looks like older songs redone with Barney singing.I love any early Earache stuff especially Napalm Death oddities like this slab of grind.PhotobucketPhotobucket from a cool blog site called

Oklahoma Hardcore post #2

Heres two ultra rare EPs from N.O.T.A.,the seminal hardcore band from Tulsa,Oklahoma.they played a ton of shows in the early to mid 1980s with most of the great first wave of American hardcore bands like Dead Kennedys,Big Boys,D.R.I.,Husker Du,The FUs,Black Flag,Butthole Surfers,Fang,The Necros etc....I did'nt hear of them until after they broke up in the late 80s(1987),but they reformed around 1994-5 and I booked a couple of great shows for them.They influenced a whole bunch of inferior 4th tier h/c bands in Oklahoma,none coming anywhere close to NOTA's fierce thrash onslaught.When I say "thrash" I mean real thrash that was definitely not metal influenced in any way.I'll post the LP later. Photobucket

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Oklahoma Hardcore post #1

I got this nifty link from DIET OF WORMS- a very obscure h/c band from Norman,Oklahoma circa 1984.Thats about all I know about them or Death Puppy,No Direction,Face First,Coniption Fits,Brown 25,151 Blackbats,all super-obscure Oklahoma Hardcore bands from the mid 1980s.If anybody know of any links please let me know.Photobucket

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Oklahoma City Power Metal!!!!

FORTE- a power metal band from Oklahoma City has been around for well over 20 years playing scores of local gigs and some with bigger acts like Flotsam and Jetsam and Saxon.They had more support and popularity in Europe where people still love the shit out of power metal,they were even invited to play the KEEP IT TRUE FESTIVAL last year in Germany but could not make it.They are almost done with the new album which features the original line up and that stuff sounds reallly promising (I got to hear some unfinished drum/guitar tracks recently),they even scrapped a whole recording session last just to make sure the quality is 100% FORTE.Heres a couple LPs from 1992 and 1994 originally released by Massacre records in Germany presented here for you metal freaks!Forte's singer James Randall was also the singer for Oliver Magnum,Rev.Jones the bass player went on to play for MSG,Mountain,and Steel Heart!Underground Power Metal classics. Photobucket

Monday, May 11, 2009

Metal is always better!

Photobucket password:1969 Dr.Know played OKC last night,it was a poorly attended show,less than 20 kids and older folks like me.Brandon Cruz got pissed because there was no snack tray before they played,but the rest of the band were real cool dudes. They were quite good and rocking,everyone seemed to enjoy hear some classic H/C,but I was always more into the "Kyle Toucher" fronted version of Dr.Know,the METAL version!This LP is the pinnacle of Dr.Know's metal era,just great crossover H/C-Metal with that signature "Metal Blade" production. The first song is a DOA cover if you did'nt already know.There are some reworkings of some songs from the "Plug in Jesus"LP and the legendary "Burn" EP,just a little metalized but still punk as fuck. Dr. Know followed this LP with the totaly metal swansong "Wreckage In Flesh",I may post that if you fuckers want me to.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The (Un)Holy Grail of Shitty Music!

Exmortes...the brainchild of Jan List, a Dutch metalhead who unknowingly invented the Black Metal subgenre known as "Shitty lo-fi bedroom metal".This stuff is some of the most horrible sounding shit I've ever come across!I originally wanted to post the Exmortes/Apator split 7inch and Exmortes-Lord of Temptation 7inch but these 2 demos are all I could find after seaching the web for this odd,silly music.I once played the split EP to bunch of crusty punks while we were on a LSD binge,it was quite a hit!!!I will play this stuff sometimes when I do a DJ set,just to crack everyone up.I have not heard these demos yet but I'll just assume you'll hear Casio keyboard rock beats,some of the most moronic vocals ever put to music,and a guitar sound that makes Crass sound like some hi-fi shit.Is the kid playing the guitar upside down?The holy grail of shitty music.Photobucket

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I still love this record!!Raw as hell hip-hop with extra-"Dusted" beats and raps.More metal coming soon!!!Photobucket

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Diamond Dave

This is the best thing I have heard in a long time!! DLR singing "Running with the Devil" in the studio,no music just some of the most unbeliveable vocal shenannigans ever put to tape.Warning! This shit is gut-busting funny,DLR sounds like he just rolled up in a limo,snorted a line of coke off some Sunset Strip bimbo's ass,drank a bottle of Jack and just laid this track in one take....Fucking Brilliant!!!( There's another vocals-only track of DLR singing "Hot for Teacher" but I cant find a useable link.)Photobucket

Monday, May 4, 2009

Saint Vitus 1983 demo!!!

Taken from The Blasting Concept blog!!!!PhotobucketPhotobucketSaint Vitus is one of those bands who "never made it", for whatever reason. The had the look, the sound and the attitude - plus they were on SST - primus inter pares if you will. These 1983 demos happened before they signed to SST - you will find the songs from their first two albums here.

The line-up:

Scott Reagers – vocals
Dave Chandler – guitar
Mark Adams – bass
Armando Acosta – drums

Maybe these crossover heralds were ahead of their time; mixing Black Sabbath with Black Flag looked good on paper and once you listened to the results, it made you write your mom home about. But the truth is, even in their prime (around 1986) the United Snakes of America didn't know what to make of them. Although Wino, they second and best vocalist, was a respected person among the DC scenesters who knew the cool shows to attend and the touring with Flag did not help them from playing in barns out in the woods for some retarded village idiots. Often enough, no more than 50 people would show up. In Europe things were different. There the band earned a small but cultish following.

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Classic RevCo stuff here!!Their newest stuff is too stripclub faux-sleazy for my tastes,so here's a kinda hard to find 12inch EP with some rare remixes...Photobucket


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