Monday, May 4, 2009

Saint Vitus 1983 demo!!!

Taken from The Blasting Concept blog!!!!PhotobucketPhotobucketSaint Vitus is one of those bands who "never made it", for whatever reason. The had the look, the sound and the attitude - plus they were on SST - primus inter pares if you will. These 1983 demos happened before they signed to SST - you will find the songs from their first two albums here.

The line-up:

Scott Reagers – vocals
Dave Chandler – guitar
Mark Adams – bass
Armando Acosta – drums

Maybe these crossover heralds were ahead of their time; mixing Black Sabbath with Black Flag looked good on paper and once you listened to the results, it made you write your mom home about. But the truth is, even in their prime (around 1986) the United Snakes of America didn't know what to make of them. Although Wino, they second and best vocalist, was a respected person among the DC scenesters who knew the cool shows to attend and the touring with Flag did not help them from playing in barns out in the woods for some retarded village idiots. Often enough, no more than 50 people would show up. In Europe things were different. There the band earned a small but cultish following.

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