Monday, May 18, 2009

Oklahoma Hardcore post #2

Heres two ultra rare EPs from N.O.T.A.,the seminal hardcore band from Tulsa,Oklahoma.they played a ton of shows in the early to mid 1980s with most of the great first wave of American hardcore bands like Dead Kennedys,Big Boys,D.R.I.,Husker Du,The FUs,Black Flag,Butthole Surfers,Fang,The Necros etc....I did'nt hear of them until after they broke up in the late 80s(1987),but they reformed around 1994-5 and I booked a couple of great shows for them.They influenced a whole bunch of inferior 4th tier h/c bands in Oklahoma,none coming anywhere close to NOTA's fierce thrash onslaught.When I say "thrash" I mean real thrash that was definitely not metal influenced in any way.I'll post the LP later. Photobucket

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