Monday, January 18, 2010

Ultimo Mondo Video Mixtape Megapost!!!!!

WARNING!!!THESE VIDEOS CONTAIN EXPLICIT SCENES OF VIOLENCE,ABUSE,RELIGIOUS IDIOTS,SEX,REAL DEATH AND GENERAL FUCKED-UPNESS!DO NOT PROCEED UNLESS YOU HAVE AN OPEN MIND AND A STRONG STOMACH!I DO NOT AGREE WITH WITH SOME OF THE SUBJECT MATTER PRESENTED HERE,I'M MERELY PROVIDING INFORMATION FOR "RESEARCH PURPOSES ONLY".I recently came across a link for this SICK list of "video mixtapes" while searching for a copy of AMOK ASSAULT VIDEO,a grainy VHS compilation featuring the Bud Dwyer live TV suicide,cattle mutilations and the strange death of Bob Crane(Hogans Heros)...Now I present to you some links to 12 of the most fucked up party videos ever compiled on a torrent,whoever put this together deserves a beer or his own place in hell.If you are easily offended,faint of heart,listen to PC hardcore or indie rock you may want to steer clear of this mess.Some of these are better than others and I have'nt even scratched the surface on most of these disturbingly hilarious compilations.I think these are all avi files. Caveat Emptor motherfuckers! Amok Assult Video (1 hour)
Asylum for Shut ins Video Pdychotherapy (40 minutes)
B-Videos 101 Vol 1 (2 hours)
Evil Video 1 (2 hours)
Future Schlock Vol 1 (1 hour)
Gravedigger Eye Pollution (2 hours)
Immondo Videozine 1 (2 hours)
Lost Purity (1 hr 30 min)
Mental Vagrancy (2 hours)
Super Mecha Kucha Happy Fun Monkey Bash Dx (1 hr 30 min)
The Ultimate Hardgore Splatter Tape (1 hour)
Video Wasteland Combilation (2 hours) And heres a link to the infamous "Crazy Dave Tape vol.1-2" PhotobucketHeres the link to a nice DVD comp called Video Armageddon and Video Armageddon 2

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  1. Thanks for the torrents. I spent the last few months uploading them and more to Megaupload here:

    Just thought I'd share it. Thnx again!



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