Friday, January 8, 2010

Tommy Gunn Titus-"Grand Snow Gorilla"

I know nothing about these guys except they are from Poland and they are here to rock!!!I'm gonna listen to this tonight after a few beers.....look at the song titles!!!!!ha-ha!!!!Photobucket 1. The Bitch is (still) Dead 3:51
2. Varan's 10 3:09
3. The Awakening 5:52
4. Scarass 3:46
5. Grand+Snow+Gorilla 4:57
6. Vein Calls: Eat! 4:24
7. One Scotch Please 3:45
8. The Singer 3:24
9. Big Brutal Swings 3:42
10. As Long as You 5:17

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