Thursday, December 16, 2010

My pick for album of 2010-Ghost "Opus Eponymous"

Much hyped band that actually delivers the goods via their unique brand of Occult Rock.Sounds like Witchfinder General/King Diamond(hope he gets well)and the darker side of Blue Oyster Cult.Band members remain hidden via masks and smoke (rumours of Swedish metal pros to Turbonegro have been thrown around).If you can afford it get the LP from Rise Above Records,hopefully this will be released in the US soon. ghost opus eponymous Pictures, Images and Photos Ghost - Opus Eponymous (2010)

1. Deus Culpa.
2. Con Clavi Con Dio.
3. Ritual
4. Elizabeth.
5. Stand by Him
6. Satan Prayer
7. Death Knell
8. Prime mover
9. Genesis

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


SEDITION were one of the most intense bands that never made it.Their singer Turner was a true madman that practiced what he preached by collecting massive amounts of rotten Texas roadkill and designing wicked "Chainsaw Massacre" style sculptures,check out the song "Roadkill".Some of these works of art were used for Ministry's live show and Cypress Hill's "How I can just kill a man" video.Musically Sedition were very much in the same style as their mentors Rigor Mortis playing ultra fast sun bleached hornet swarm metal.The guitarist Pete was taught by Rigor Mortis axeman Mike Sciacca and even took his place when Mike joined Ministry,later he joined GWAR.The band did a one off show in Oklahoma City in 1990 and from what I remember it was badass complete with bones and Turner's brutal self mutilation with a very rusty scrap of iron,it should also be noted that this show was the first time I ever met OKC's infamous Ray-Ray "Drink All Day" Duvall!Turner found his own fame after Sedition by fronting the great punk rock band Ethyl Merman/Pumpin'Ethyl and beating on Kurt Cobain at Tree's club in Dallas.a href="¤t=sed.jpg" target="_blank">Photobucket Tracks:
1. Sedition 03:20
2. Roadkill 03:01
3. My Little Brother 03:31
4. I Really Hate You 03:23
Total playing time
13:15 Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Monday, July 5, 2010

Guilt free Saint Vitus! (aka-SST records produced some terrible LPs but this one shines)

Download the SAINT VITUS compilation album
in HIGH QUALITY zip file format
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"Clear Windowpane" - 3:17
"Born Too Late" - 6:54
"Look Behind You" - 3:20
"Thirsty and Miserable" (BLACK FLAG COVER)
"Dying Inside" - 7:25
"The Lost Feeling" - 5:25
"H.A.A.G." - 5:02
"Shooting Gallery" - 6:46
"Bitter Truth" - 4:14
"Dragon Time" - 7:36
"War Is Our Destiny" - 4:11
"White Stallions" - 5:26
"White Magic/Black Magic" - 5:27
"Saint Vitus" - 4:48

Saturday, June 12, 2010

POWERLORD-Lost footage from 1987!

I've come to the point that I have searched nearly every blog on the web and heard all the music (good and bad) out there,nothing you post will blow me away or surprise,interest or shock me!Unless you come to my house with the only known video footage of mega obscure oklahoma power metal pioneers POWERLORD!Greg Scott of FORTE had this footage from a Powerlord/Forte show filmed in mid 1987,this may have been one of Powerlord's final shows due to the wave of thrash metal that was catching on.Powerlord's drummer was in Dark Angel for a few months fyi.

Friday, June 4, 2010


The first metal band from Oklahoma to put out an LP.23 years later and this stuff blows away your band!I doubt you can do better.

Monday, April 5, 2010

FLIPPER- Long lost 1993 Oklahoma City house party footage.

In 1993 Flipper had just put out an LP on Def American and jumped on a tour with Gwar.The Oklahoma City show was cancelled(rumor was the City did not want GWAR to perform)but Flipper agreed to play an low key party at one the local punk houses.The place was packed due to many of the locals being huge Flipper fans.Members of GWAR were in attendence,Oderus sang the classic song "Shed no Tears"to the sweaty wasted punx.This footage was shot by James Hawley aka Jack Acid,a local industrial musician/filmographer who aired it on a short livedcable access show.Somehow the master tape was lost or stolen and long been sought out by those who were there.My good friend Blake came into possesion of the only known copy and gave it to me about 10 years ago for safekeeping.The VHS tape was in horrible condition,sound was barely auidible and the picture dark.I figured it was time to preserve the show before the tape degraded more and with some pretty basic video editing program I was able to restore the footage into something watchable,raised the audio level and brightened up the picture.I made this for those who were at the show because it was highly regarded as one the most fun shows ever to happen in lame ass OKC.I'll be sending copies to Flipper who still rule!

Monday, March 29, 2010

PLACEBO UNDERGROUND MUSIC HALLUCINATION 2 (featuring-Butthole Surfers,DOA,TSOL,Tales Of Terror,Faction,Agent Orange,Raw Power,45 Grave,JFA,C.O.C)

I'm back!Here's a rare videotape I ripped today in order to kinda preserve it.It's got the earliest footage of Corrosion Of Conformity I have ever seen,just some kids playing hardcore,long before they even started doing crossover. I picked this up at a freaky/weird video store in Dallas,TX that was shutting it's doors in the 1990's.There is very little info on the internet about this compilation,I just know it was put out by the JFA/Placebo Products crew in 1984 or 85.I'll post a photo of the clamshell video cover soon. Hope you fuckers like this as I'll be posting the uber-rare "Live A Target" video compilation next.

Monday, March 15, 2010

I will return!!

Just been busy with other projects,I plan on uploading some of my rare vinyl and tapes instead of lifting links off other blogspots.This site has over 70 posts but it has'nt even had 200 views total!!For the handful of people who follow this blog I want to say thank you and if anyone wants to help out please get in touch...Mike

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


He just played Norman,OK with Urainium Death Crow,when I got to the venue there was a bunch of cops busting the gig up so I missed it.Here's the classic club banger "Punch 'Em In The Dick"!

Thursday, February 4, 2010


I've been a little behind on updating this blog,been doing some fun gigs with AFFW plus I almost broke my arm stage diving at the D.R.I. show a couple weeks ago,I was hypnotized by the thrash zone!Lots of fun,no fights,sold out show,punks and metalheads galore.Now on to music...Blasphemy were one of the first black metal bands I ever listened to,a real cacophony of noise with themes that were far away from the average thrash metal I was playing at the time.They hailed from Canada,looked scary as hell wearing face paint and spikes,called themselves "Satanic Skinheads" and there was a black dude in the group.I wonder what they think of the whole Nazi/RAC/NS black metal scene?Anyway these guys were way ahead of thier time I always thought Darkthrone,Emperor etc were derivitive of this band.Heres a live recording from 2002 of this essential and seminal black metal group!PhotobucketPhotobucket

Monday, January 18, 2010

Ultimo Mondo Video Mixtape Megapost!!!!!

WARNING!!!THESE VIDEOS CONTAIN EXPLICIT SCENES OF VIOLENCE,ABUSE,RELIGIOUS IDIOTS,SEX,REAL DEATH AND GENERAL FUCKED-UPNESS!DO NOT PROCEED UNLESS YOU HAVE AN OPEN MIND AND A STRONG STOMACH!I DO NOT AGREE WITH WITH SOME OF THE SUBJECT MATTER PRESENTED HERE,I'M MERELY PROVIDING INFORMATION FOR "RESEARCH PURPOSES ONLY".I recently came across a link for this SICK list of "video mixtapes" while searching for a copy of AMOK ASSAULT VIDEO,a grainy VHS compilation featuring the Bud Dwyer live TV suicide,cattle mutilations and the strange death of Bob Crane(Hogans Heros)...Now I present to you some links to 12 of the most fucked up party videos ever compiled on a torrent,whoever put this together deserves a beer or his own place in hell.If you are easily offended,faint of heart,listen to PC hardcore or indie rock you may want to steer clear of this mess.Some of these are better than others and I have'nt even scratched the surface on most of these disturbingly hilarious compilations.I think these are all avi files. Caveat Emptor motherfuckers! Amok Assult Video (1 hour)
Asylum for Shut ins Video Pdychotherapy (40 minutes)
B-Videos 101 Vol 1 (2 hours)
Evil Video 1 (2 hours)
Future Schlock Vol 1 (1 hour)
Gravedigger Eye Pollution (2 hours)
Immondo Videozine 1 (2 hours)
Lost Purity (1 hr 30 min)
Mental Vagrancy (2 hours)
Super Mecha Kucha Happy Fun Monkey Bash Dx (1 hr 30 min)
The Ultimate Hardgore Splatter Tape (1 hour)
Video Wasteland Combilation (2 hours) And heres a link to the infamous "Crazy Dave Tape vol.1-2" PhotobucketHeres the link to a nice DVD comp called Video Armageddon and Video Armageddon 2

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I gotta go to court for some bullshit,need to listen to some fucking earshattering noise.Dont let the cheesey pop-artwork deter you....this disc is a classic blast of unnerving,brain melting,poser destroying jap-NOISE!!!!Play it thru a surround-sound system and wallow in the dense layers of horrible noise!!!A true room clearing album,I wish I had a huge "ghetto" stereo in my car,you know the ones that go BOOM!I would blast this loud as fuck all night long.Not for the wussies.Photobucket

Friday, January 8, 2010

Tommy Gunn Titus-"Grand Snow Gorilla"

I know nothing about these guys except they are from Poland and they are here to rock!!!I'm gonna listen to this tonight after a few beers.....look at the song titles!!!!!ha-ha!!!!Photobucket 1. The Bitch is (still) Dead 3:51
2. Varan's 10 3:09
3. The Awakening 5:52
4. Scarass 3:46
5. Grand+Snow+Gorilla 4:57
6. Vein Calls: Eat! 4:24
7. One Scotch Please 3:45
8. The Singer 3:24
9. Big Brutal Swings 3:42
10. As Long as You 5:17


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