Monday, March 29, 2010

PLACEBO UNDERGROUND MUSIC HALLUCINATION 2 (featuring-Butthole Surfers,DOA,TSOL,Tales Of Terror,Faction,Agent Orange,Raw Power,45 Grave,JFA,C.O.C)

I'm back!Here's a rare videotape I ripped today in order to kinda preserve it.It's got the earliest footage of Corrosion Of Conformity I have ever seen,just some kids playing hardcore,long before they even started doing crossover. I picked this up at a freaky/weird video store in Dallas,TX that was shutting it's doors in the 1990's.There is very little info on the internet about this compilation,I just know it was put out by the JFA/Placebo Products crew in 1984 or 85.I'll post a photo of the clamshell video cover soon. Hope you fuckers like this as I'll be posting the uber-rare "Live A Target" video compilation next.

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