Monday, August 31, 2009

LEMMY-Damage Case/The Anthology

An amazing compilation of Lemmy's hits,obscure tracks and collaborations,this is essential listening right here!Most of this stuff I have heard before like the Hawkwind,Damned and Wendy O Williams material,but theres tons of music that is new to me like Lemmy's 1960's era pop/rock group The Rocking Vickers and the track listing is wrong because there are some great covers of Iron Maiden's "The Trooper" and Metallica's "Whiplash".If you dont just fucking love this guy,you got a serious problem....
"PhotobucketCD One:

CD One:
1. Rockin' Vickers - Dandy
2. Rockin' Vickers - I Don't Need Your Kind
3. Rockin' Vickers - It's Alright
4. Sam Gopal - Dark Lord
5. Sam Gopal - Escalator
6. Hawkwind - Watcher
7. Hawkwind - Silver Machine
8. Hawkwind - Motorhead
9. Motorhead - Damage Case - Motorhead -
10. Lemmy & The Damned - Ballroom Blitz
11. Young & Moody Band - Don't Do That
12. Motorhead - Iron Horse
13. Headgirl - Please Don't Touch
14. Lemmy & Wendy O. Williams - Stand By Your Man
15. Lemmy & Wendy O. Williams - Masterplan
16. Motorhead - Killed By Death
17. Lemmy & The Upsetters and Mick Green - Blue Suede Shoes

CD Two:
1. Lemmy & The Upsetters and Mick Green - Blue Suede Shoes
2. Lemmy & The Upsetters and Mick Green - Paradise
3. Motorhead - 1916
4. Motorhead - Hellraiser
5. Lemmy - Tie Your Mother Down
6. Lemmy - It's A Long Way To The Top
7. Lemmy & The Ramones - R A M O N E S
8. Lemmy - Enter Sandman
9. Lemmy & Slim Jim/Danny B - Matchbox
10. Lemmy & Slim Jim/Danny B - Big River
11. Lemmy & Slim Jim/Danny B - Learning The Game
12. Lemmy - Desire
13. Lemmy & Dore Pesch
14. Lemmy & Dore Pesch - Alone Again
15. Lemmy - Hardcore
16. Lemmy - Thirsty And Miserable
17. Probot & Lemmy - Shake Your Blood

Sunday, August 23, 2009

SUBSANITY-rare video footage

Thought I might transfer some of these old ass videotapes before they degrade anymore.Subsanity was one of my early bands,initaly started out with the name TORMENT in late 1988.Originaly based in Pauls Valley,Oklahoma we changed the name in 1991 and persued a more extreme sound.Played alot of shows with just aboust every badass metal/hardcore band out there,from Econochrist to Saxon.Split up in 2003

Friday, August 7, 2009

Sleep-trendy doom

Trendy fuckers sing praises for Sleep's 2nd LP "Holy Mountain" but if you ask me "Volume One" will always be my favorite,it's got this somber,creepy feel that just blew me away back in 1991 when I plopped down $8.99 for this LP.Those same trendy fucks who got into this band because it was hip to watch Gummo do'nt even know this record exists.Here ya go,trendy fuck..

Thursday, August 6, 2009

45 Grave

Two records from long runnig cult goth punk band 45Grave!Some of this shit rocks and some is silly but I still think these records are classics...the "Autopsy" LP is a comp of unreleased/outakes/comp tracks,this stuff is pretty common on the Internet but I was in the mood for some 45 Grave..... PhotobucketPhotobucket


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