Sunday, August 23, 2009

SUBSANITY-rare video footage

Thought I might transfer some of these old ass videotapes before they degrade anymore.Subsanity was one of my early bands,initaly started out with the name TORMENT in late 1988.Originaly based in Pauls Valley,Oklahoma we changed the name in 1991 and persued a more extreme sound.Played alot of shows with just aboust every badass metal/hardcore band out there,from Econochrist to Saxon.Split up in 2003


  1. holy balls, Mike? I download a fkkn JFA single from Aesop's blog, and go look at the fool who downloaded it before me, and here you are!
    this is robert from ACP/Fuckface....hope you are well dude. here's what I'm doing:

  2. Hell yea. i remember this band, still have a 7" of yours i think. is a fate far worse reside on okc? if so you guys should come up and play tulsa.

  3. Yesss! We do want to play Tulsa as soon as it cools off a bit,we'll be working on recording thru september but we do want to play in later october,we can do a club gig or a d.i.y. h/c show...I was in Assembly Of God btw. Mike

  4. some of this is garbage some of this is decide!
    "human is shit"



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