Monday, April 5, 2010

FLIPPER- Long lost 1993 Oklahoma City house party footage.

In 1993 Flipper had just put out an LP on Def American and jumped on a tour with Gwar.The Oklahoma City show was cancelled(rumor was the City did not want GWAR to perform)but Flipper agreed to play an low key party at one the local punk houses.The place was packed due to many of the locals being huge Flipper fans.Members of GWAR were in attendence,Oderus sang the classic song "Shed no Tears"to the sweaty wasted punx.This footage was shot by James Hawley aka Jack Acid,a local industrial musician/filmographer who aired it on a short livedcable access show.Somehow the master tape was lost or stolen and long been sought out by those who were there.My good friend Blake came into possesion of the only known copy and gave it to me about 10 years ago for safekeeping.The VHS tape was in horrible condition,sound was barely auidible and the picture dark.I figured it was time to preserve the show before the tape degraded more and with some pretty basic video editing program I was able to restore the footage into something watchable,raised the audio level and brightened up the picture.I made this for those who were at the show because it was highly regarded as one the most fun shows ever to happen in lame ass OKC.I'll be sending copies to Flipper who still rule!


  1. I missed them at the party. but caught them in lawton.Put on a great show, they got in a fight 30 minutes into the show with local hicks.I left just as the police showed up....Good times..
    Kevin Mccoy

  2. I was at the Lawton show too!!!!

  3. good lord what a nightmare, Flipper were so unpleasant and disrespectful with our agreement on the rights to this footage. A year later they arrived at my doorstep and pushed themselves into my house and demanded the master video. The situation exploded into defcon 4 and resulted in the police showing up and escorting them out of the neighborhood and I mailed the master copy to someone in Dallas Tx who made copies of the tape and sold them via an underground mail order company, that was the last I ever heard of it til Mike told me he had a copy just a few months ago.

  4. Epic wow. Recognize a few friends in the crowd. I was on the front porch kickin' back shots with GWAR for much of this party.



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