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(This post by Tim wolfenbarger)REPULSION (Roman Polanski 65')
Well this has been my favorite film since iv'e seen it. And i guess I use the term film because this introduced me to a bit of deeper cinema and gave me a taste for the avant garde from the get go. REPULSION is a true classic film and there's no denying it.Roman Poilanski's first English languige flik and bankrolled by western investors. Polanski grew up during WW2 in Poland in the Nazi razed ghettoes. He was seperated from his parents for two years and lived from friend's charity and on the streets at a very young age in WW2 Poland.
After "the big war" he reunited with his father, went to film school in Poland and early on started to produce short surreal film. Eventually, he got noticed by one of his shorts, TWO MEN IN A WARDROBE...lead to financing and movies like the fine KNIFE IN WATER (somewhat Hitchcock deranged) and CUL-DE-SAC (which i read was pretty good and still have not been able to find...many years later...shouldve bought that bootleg VHS in the mail in 96!).
So, I'll tell ya' to me this is the end all be all.
I know there's plenty of fine and really bizarre movies out there but this is the first to get my goat and I'll tell you why.
First, it's not like I'm treading new ground here. This films been around since seven years before I was born. Next, this is not an American movie and usually doesnt get the respect it deserves although it is generally considered classic. Third sometimes we all know whats fresh comes with the best art (rockn roll for example) and I believe Polanski had something to let out.
I find this SO MUCH MORE POWERFUL than Fellinni or Bunuel at this point. The old classics like TOD BROWNING or the early german shit was good for sure but this was the first one that got me by the "GOTTCHA".
I'll not describe the film here. I don't need to you can find it anywhere. Public domain.
This is my favorite horror film. More later.
oh and there was a fine band that helped invent GRINDCORE that named their band after the movie...hmmm...wonder what thats about....

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