Monday, May 11, 2009

Metal is always better!

Photobucket password:1969 Dr.Know played OKC last night,it was a poorly attended show,less than 20 kids and older folks like me.Brandon Cruz got pissed because there was no snack tray before they played,but the rest of the band were real cool dudes. They were quite good and rocking,everyone seemed to enjoy hear some classic H/C,but I was always more into the "Kyle Toucher" fronted version of Dr.Know,the METAL version!This LP is the pinnacle of Dr.Know's metal era,just great crossover H/C-Metal with that signature "Metal Blade" production. The first song is a DOA cover if you did'nt already know.There are some reworkings of some songs from the "Plug in Jesus"LP and the legendary "Burn" EP,just a little metalized but still punk as fuck. Dr. Know followed this LP with the totaly metal swansong "Wreckage In Flesh",I may post that if you fuckers want me to.

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  1. looks intresting i dont belive ive really heard of this band i wish i wouldve known there was oldschool hc shows in okc when i lived close to there i thought it was just hair metal reunions



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