Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Italian Zombie turds!!!

These movies are all cinematic turds but that cant stop me from watching them over and over.Just watched "Hell of the Living Dead"aka"Night of the Zombies"it's quite entertaining,"Nightmare City" will really test your ability to sit through a shitty movie,it is known for being the first film to have "fast" zombies,but the make-up look as though someone just slapped some burned pizza on the zombie's faces.


  1. those are some wonderfully awful films. i believe hell of the living dead is the one that's about 40 percent archival footage poorly spliced together in lieu of a plot. and that's why i love zombie films.

  2. HOTLD uses tons of stock footage,the director Bruno Mattei said that the film takes place in New Guinea and that is why it has so much stock footage.He seems to think that it makes the film more realistic.........R.I.P. Bruno Mattei may you not have a clue in the afterlife.



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