Friday, June 12, 2009

Old School Shows-GAMMACIDE/ACRIDITY 3-25-1989

Here's a blast from the past!A wild night in the OKC on March 25th,1989 @ the Blue Note Lounge with GAMMACIDE,ACRIDITY and CARNAGE(okc),the actual flyer is below.I saw a guy eat a handfull of nails at this show,thats how metal it was!This was when metal shows were thuggish and violent sausage parties,I was slammed into a wall quite hard at this show.Here's Acridity's first demo (1988),plus the 1991 LP and GAMMACIDE's classic LP,I will eventually get around to uploading Carnage's tape,but that will take a post all by itself since they were the cornerstone for (Oklahoma)underground metal in the late 80's/90's.I really became a total thrash metal freak after seeing this amazing up close & personal show,and anytime I see the Gammacide guys I let 'em know I was there.....

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