Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wrathchild America-Commercial Thrash

My band was supposed to play a show with Ravage last night but the Ravage guys were having a real shitty tour=vehicle problems galore so they wisely opted not to play in OKC.I was actually getting kinda stoked to see some old style Thrash Metal with no death/grind/whatever influence but it never happened,so on my way home I rocked out to this album. Wrathchild America were total "Thrash lite"and got signed to a major a the very end of the whole Thrash Metal phenomena,you can almost see the band getting butthurt to the rumbling sound of the grunge and death/grind scenes eating their pathetic souls!I think Pantera did some touring with these guys before they hit it big,and I caught them playing a show with oklahoma's own Oliver Magnum. At least back in 1989 there were clubs that strictly catered to metal every night of the week,bands had a soundman thus having a great sound onstage and there was not much tolerence for sloppiness etc....well I gotta go just got some news that we may be playing a show with Marduk!!!NO DEPOSIT-NO RETURN motherfuckers!!!!!

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