Friday, November 27, 2009

Oklahoma Metal Obscurity-POWERLORD!!!

I swiped this link from the excellent 80's thrash metal demo preservation site This LP is the probobaly the first real "Metal" product to come out of Oklahoma,initally it most likley recived little notice due to the massive amount of homegrown thrash/speed and power metal coming out of every corner of the USA at the time.24 years after it's release it has been reissued on CD by some small retro-metal labels and championed by the guitarist of Merciless Death(he sports a Powerlord logo on his axe).During the mid 90's my old band Subsanity practiced at singer Dane Cook's(not to be confused with the comedian)house,lots of wild parties,booze and dope was going on all the time.We would always try to get Dane to sing some old stuff for us but he was kinda shy and it was hard to pry much info on the bands history,shows from him.Cool guy,I havent seen him in years.The drummer-Bob Gourley tried out for Slayer in thier earliest stages and may or may not have been in the band for two weeks,he had some badass rehearsal tapes(doing songs like"Ice Titan") to back up his story!He was also in Dark Angel for a brief amount of time,I wanted him to try some stuff with Subsanity but like all old school metal dudes from that era just did'nt dig the grindcore too much.I'm sure Powerlord played with Pantera back in their "Metal Magic" days.....enjoy this forgotten metal relic..If anybody has more info,post some comments... Photobucket

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