Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Obscure Old-School Hip-Hop films!

Check out these rare as fuck films about the orgins of hip hop when it was a very underground art form,way before Run-Dmc brought the sound to the mainstream.The first film "80 Blocks to Tiffany's" deals with gang culture in the Bronx circa 1977,before any rap records were even made(I like the kid that dresses like a nazi).Film#2 "Breaking and Entering" is a super obscure oddity featuring stuff like early Ice-T and the dudes from the first "Breakin" movie,I think this might have served as a platform to get some money for "Breakin"."Beat This!" is pretty interesting,featuring interviews with Afrika Bambaataa,Malcom McLaren,and DJ Kool Herc.Also shows The Soul Sonic Force recording "Renegades of Funk" with dance music pioneer Arthur Baker......Poppin,shockin,rockin!!!!!! heres a link for the full "Beat This" doc.....http://www.documentary24.com/beat-this-history-of-hip-hop--6/

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