Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Green and Black is back!

I finally got to see Overkill during the summer at the mostly cock-rock oriented "Rocklahoma"festival in Noetheast Oklahoma.This year the promoters added an extra day devoted to the heavier side of 80's metal,fans were treated to sets by Leatherwolf, Aska,Hallows Eve,Metal Church(who played thier last show ever),Krank,Anvil,Saxon and a horrible set by the Dan Nelson fronted Anthrax.Overkill just blasted the audience(several thousand strong)in 110 degree Oklahoma heat,I do not know how the drummer did'nt die from heat stroke. Anyway,heres the new Overkill album due out next year,be sure to pick this up on vinyl when it comes out.Photobucket

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  1. Hell OVERKILL i've heard in a long time! THE KINGS OF THRASH.....PERIOD!!!!



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