Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Last Upper

Awesome LP by these SF doom/speed freaks,a solid album,cant belive its been 10 years since this came out.Photobucket


  1. Dude! By coincidence, I just bought the other Old Grandad, Hocus Corpus. You can order it from Aquarius Records. It's more stoner than metal this time--no distorted bass guitar--but it's still awesome, still got death growls on cue! Still OGD. I'm gunna see Aerial Ruin when they come through town next month or so. Rock!

  2. OGD playing a show next fkkn weekend in SF, time warp! At least a decade since this gem came, when they appeared we were all blown away. I remember roommates coming home and going off about these longhairs that did as much drugs as we did, and were living in a glorious metal vacuum...Great Band.



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