Monday, April 20, 2009

Best Band Name Ever?

ASSEMBLY OF GOD was together for less than one year but achieved alot in that time,releasing a 7inch EP on Havoc records and contributing 2 songs on the ultra rare 7inch compilation"Partnership For Survival",and completing a full US tour which included shows at ABC No Rio,CBGB'S,924 Gilman and more than a few horribly under-promoted shows. A.O.G. were not a "Christian punk band" as some were led to belive,they were in fact very much the oppisite. after their mostly successful tour,the band and Havoc records were sued over the name by the Assembly Of God church HQ (which was located in Oklahoma City,where the band practiced). shortly after the band dropped the name and disbanded,Chad(ex-Brother Inferior)who sang and played guitar in AOG formed THE LEVELING who were similar in sound and ideals to AOG,Mike continued giging with Subsanity and then Gestalt,Kevin,the drummer immersed himself into the shitty side of black metal culture and did several projects. Here is the Havoc Records EP. .PhotobucketPhotobucket

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  1. hey mike, post some of that cbgb show on here

    jeff pitts



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