Monday, April 27, 2009

Brutal Cover Art

Naked City's drone epic Leng Tch'e has one of the most brutal album artwork ever,from what I remember Leng Tch'e is a form of extended execution/torture.The recipient is given a dose of powerful opiates which puts him/her in a extrem state of bliss,then the executioners slice off huge flanks of flesh and muscle!!!!This is a real photo from thelate 1800's in China. that guy's smile gives me the "Creepin' Willies".Photobucket


  1. Well...I dont know any normal person who smiles while being torn to pieces but you never know naked city could be lying its a little hard to tell whats really going on

  2. The actual CD inlay card explains the whole Leng Tch'e process,plus you can see the photo better.It's hard to track down a copy at a reasonable price,part of the Naked City "Black Box".



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