Wednesday, July 22, 2009

post #50!!!! HAPPY FLOWERS

Sorry to all eight of you that check out this blog on a regular basis,I've been busy with lots of very "Metal" things like booking shows and recording and hanging out with motherfuckers like Hallows Eve,Saxon,Anvil and Anthrax.Plus I've been drinking alot.So heres Post #50!!!!(this blog has only been viewed 100 times!!!) Happy Flowers were a really demented band only the early work of the Butthole Surfers can be in the league of audio insanity that Mr. Anus and Mr. Horribly Charred Infant produce!!!I always listened to this stuff while under the influence of various intoxicants..I recommend you do the same!!!Photobucket the first LP Photobucket2nd LP from 1989

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