Monday, July 6, 2009

SKREW-Poor mans Ministry....

I was talking with an old high school buddy while sampling some of Lebanon's finest export,I asked him what albums does he still own from the early 1990's,he replied SKREW "Burning In Water,Drowning In Flame".I completely forgot all about this cult classic slab of grating industrial/metal.SKREW evolved out of the thrash/crossover band ANGKOR WAT(I was a big fan of this band),signed to Metal Blade Records and released "Burning In Water,Drowning In Flame" in 1992.This record was a pretty major underground hit when it came out,but SKREW flubbed on touring extensively and there was some line up changes and switching of styles on later albums. Heres the entire discography of this kinda forgotten band(the albums after "Dusted"are nu-metal influenced,just a warning) PhotobucketSKREW - Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame pass= delitdaddy - Dusted pass= dellitdaddy - Shadow of a Doubt pt1 pass= delitdaddy - Shadow of a Doubt pt2 pass= delitdaddy - Angel Seed XXIII pass= delitdaddy


  1. cool. i've been killing red harvest and godflesh on my recent industrial kick.

  2. SKREW is back and prepares a new album! More infos on MORE THAN SOUNDS Webzine:



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