Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Star Wars-Dark Redemption(suppressed film)

Kinda cool fan made side story,some unamed pro filmakers had a hand in this unauthorized tribute.Apperently George"the rapist" Lucas tried to have all of the master prints destroyed.What a dickhead.This was made around 1999 and was hard to find on the bootleg market so dont expect some THX quality masterpiece,just some good cheese.It's got Boba Fett/Slave 1 in it,what more can you ask for!(film is split into 4 or 5 parts)

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  1. Set 2 days before Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope, the film is designed to delight the hard core fans and also to appeal to the major audience who just love Star Wars for the great adventure it holds. Original Star Wars cast member - Australian actor, Peter Sumner - joined the ensemble cast, reprising his role as Imperial Officer Lt. Pol Triedum.



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